All the Colours of the Rainbow

Okay. Here’s the part where we haul ourselves through the deep end of the pool, climb out on the other side, walk through the parking lot and into that copse of trees where we find all the rest of the UFO believers, conspiracy theorists, culties and celebrity cancer cure floggers.

So, from whence came the colours of the rainbow?

Man’s obsession with the number seven holds the greatest culpability. Roy G. Biv, the mneumonic who we in the west are familiar with, owes his name to Isaac Newton. Though the idea didn’t originate with him, Newton wanted seven primary colours, and so force fit the rainbow into his schema. Actually, a rainbow isn’t divided into colours at all, it is a fully blended spectra. It is the limitations of the human eye that cause us to see the banding. But, as has been said in this spot earlier, order is derived from the perception of the viewer. And I think Newton’s seven was a good launch point.

If you have read The Glory of Kings, you know that this seven is first divided into 6 and 1. And here is where Newton got it wrong — he stuck indigo into the mix, making seven colours.


Six colours, not seven, is a better division. The single, the one, is the source. It is white light, from which the rest are derived. But it is better to look at it like this:

Six and One

It is then further divided into 4, 2 and 1. I’m not explaining this so if you are lost, then make me a dollar, buy the book and read it.

Four and Two

Interestingly enough, the angle of incidence, the angle necessary to view a primary rainbow, is 42°. Coincidence? I think not!

Angle of Incidence

Here is the sketch I made when I had first glimpsed this:

Initial Sketch

I have subsequently added to the sketch, and the whole idea has fleshed out since that time. Here is a more readable version:

Vector Sketch

This is a spiritual reality that has been seen through the ages. One good example is on the back of the American dollar bill:

American Dollar obverse

Why does the bill say, Out of Many, One? And, New Order of the Ages? And how can we ignore The Great Seal? This, however, is a topic we will leave off because it is easy to quickly segue from one committed to one who should be committed.

You are probably asking yourself where this is going. This is important enough that it is getting its own bolded line:

This is a visual representation of faith.

What I mean is, if the process of faith is recorded as a diagram, this is what it looks like. Faith brings man into Oneness with God. That is why the American dollar bill states, Out of Many, One. New Age belief ascribes a transfer of power through a pyramidal shape. Biblically we are told that faith is a conduit through which we can receive the power of God. The ancient Egyptians saw the pyramid as a pathway into the afterlife. The Bible declares that we receive eternal life through faith.

Here is another, “Through faith the worlds were framed by God.” And here is a graphic grabbed from Wikipedia, illustrating the article on the Big Bang theory, the theory of framing the worlds:

Big bang theory

There is power in graphic representation. You can use it to help verify theory. This doesn’t mean that the Big Bang is correct, but it has passed initial verification.

One more. At the end of the book of Revelation, John describes this:

Bride of Christ, Jerusalem

“”I will show you the bride, the wife of the lamb,” and he showed me this great city, holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God. The length, the width and the height of this city are equal.” Furthermore, we are told that:

By faith Abraham dwelt as a stranger in a land of promise, looking for a city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

A pyramid fits the description of this city, which is also known as the bride; a city built by faith.

Well, next post we’ll tie this all back to the beginning and then quickly leave the building so the nice men in the white coats can’t find us.