Although the postings on this blog can be read out of order, some of the latest musings rely on discussion from earlier posts. With this in mind I have added this table of contents. You can either jump in anywhere, or start at the beginning. The left and right hand links at the top of each post will take you to previous or following posts.


2. THE LIE OF CONTEXT – – Is context necessary?
3. VANTAGE POINT — What is truth?
4. WITHOUT FOUNDATION — What is the foundation of God?
5. THE PLACE OF POWER — The authority of God.
6. NULL & DESTRUCTION — The annihilation of a soul.
7. MR. HOLY GHOST — Who is this being, anyway?
8. SHINY, HAPPY PEOPLE — The habitation of Eden.
9. ON FOOLISH THINGS — Why suffering?
10. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — God and Ethan Hunt.
11. OZYMANDIAS — God and Omnipotence.
12. lowercase satan — devil or Devil?
13. BACK TO THE FUTURE — Forerunners.
14. ON MONKEYS & TYPEWRITERS — Limits and creation.
15. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER — Can God do anything?
16. SCIENCE VS. MIRACLES — God’s wonders and system.
17. THE MIRACLE IN RANDOMNESS — Possibility and the random.
18. THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU — Free will & predestination.
19. THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO CREATION — The secret of creating.
20. LUCIFER, THE UNIVERSE, AND EVERYTHING — The devil is in the folding.
21. THE MILLENNIAL GUIDE TO DATING — The times and the seasons.
22. HERE THERE BE DRAGONS — Lucifer’s role in creation.
23. CHILDHOOD’S END — Do we have to grow up?
24. A DIVINE ESCHATOLOGY — Our path to 2017.
25. THE DEAD LETTER — Prophecy vs history.
26. THE POWER OF A NAME — Naming and destiny.
27. DOES GOD PLAY DICE? — Creating relationship.
28. THE REMOVAL OF RESTRAINT — The Kingdom Rises.
29. BORDERLANDS –God establishes peace.
30. CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM — Not as cherubic as we thought.
31. A FORM OF GODLINESS — More on restraint.
32. DOES GOD HAVE FAVOURITES? — Is God objective or subjective?
33. IS ATHEISM MORAL? — The answer might surprise you.
34. SCIENCE AS GOD — Just who is in charge, anyway?
35. ON GIVING AND RECEIVING — For those who are hard to please.
36. THIS IS ETERNAL LIFE — Immortality, or something more?
37. THE MEN’S MARRIAGE PRIMER — To love me is to know me.
38. I AM NUMBER FOUR — Four rules what is seen.
39. IS GOD A DICTATOR? — Is Kingdom a Republic?
40. GOD IS LOVE — Love is a many splendoured thing.
41. JOHN’S REVELATION — Shepherds see what you may not.
42. THE FIRST HORSEMAN — Somewhere over the rainbow.
43. ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW — The pot of gold lies here.
44. THE PYRAMID OF FAITH — Unrestrained creativity.
45. JESUS IN A SUMO SUIT — Is he who he says he is?
46. PURGATORY — Exactly where is it located?
47. THE DOCTRINE OF DEMONS — You are what you eat.
48. THE SKIN OF THE WORLD — Is reality real?
49. STIGMATA — Tattoos and history.
50. A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE — The duality of creation.
51. ON FAITH AND DIVORCE — Let’s talk.
52. ALL BABIES GO TO HEAVEN – On sin and reward.
 53. A PRESENT FROM GOD — Christmas is wrapped in three.
54. READING BETWEEN THE LINES — God’s subtext.
55. CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES — Times Are A Changin’
56. DOES MAN NEED GOD? — The state of our relationship.
57. ORDER, ORDER — Is God a God of order?
58. TAKE A CHANCE ON ME — God and chaos.
59. INTRODUCTIONS – God nature begins with Name.
60. SEVENS, ELEVENS AND GOD – The fill and form of God.
61. MORALITY AND THE ABSOLUTE – The origin of morality.