lowercase satan

I am curious about the latest trend of using all lowercase letters when referring to Satan. The scriptures say that the Lord puts leadership into place, and the question that occurs to me is how that doesn’t apply to the Prince of the power of the air. In his book Needless Casualties of War, John Paul Jackson says that we do not do battle with the tools of our enemy. This would seem to me to include a certain respect, (if I may be so bold as to use that term) even for Satan. Perhaps this is what Jude is speaking about.

Some may say that language has power. I agree. But upon whom will a human language exercise more power, Satan or men? One of the debates we face is Satan the individual (full disclosure: this is my belief) vs. satan the non-specific evil that men do (in Judaism, the Yetzer Hara). To establish a lowercase habit is to add credence to the latter position. Besides which, in my opinion, it smacks more of superstition than doctrine.

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