The Skin of the World

Game engine: the code responsible for generating the physics and AI that allow the game to play. The most popular game engine currently in the world of worlds is an engine named Unreal.

Previously (say that in a deep announcer’s voice) we dealt with the idea of Adam and Eve as eternal spiritual beings who were covered in order that they could exist in temporality. Their skin, that which gave them form, was a physical pointer to a spiritual reality.

Again, remember that God forms and man names. I continue to beat this drum because your understanding of Kingdom rests upon your understanding of forming and naming. Let me reintroduce a graphic from a previous posting:

Will and Destiny

God covered man with skin; God was responsible for form. That form, as we said in the posting Purgatory, held this hell-bound man within a temporal framework. This framework is itself a larger form, and that is what we are going to look at now.

Form is a boundary, and the unbridled God is unbounded, that is to say, without form. Form is that which separates you from God. This can be done for either judgment or for protection. In order to comprehend Hell, you must understand form, as Hell is separation from God.

Form, in other words, is restraint. In Shiny Happy People we looked at the universe as a break in the symmetry of God, as the beginning of form. In the series on the rainbow we tied the rainbow to restraint. So then there should be some kind of concomitancy between the two, between the existence of the universe and the restraint demarked by the rainbow. And, naturally, we wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think that there was.

So, let us look once more at a graphic of the rainbow:

Four and Two

We are told the earth is eternal, but we are also told that the heavens will be rolled up like a scroll. There is both form and name happening in the universe; form is that which will be rolled up – it dies, and name is that which is eternal – it is resurrection life.

In the 90’s, the physicists ‘t Hooft and Susskind toyed with the concept that the universe was (like) a hologram. A hologram requires a light source (usually a laser) and a ‘lens’ with markings upon it. When the source shines through the lens, the appearance of something material comes into being.

Vector Sketch

Though this is the graphic presented as conceptually more accurate when we spoke of rainbows, it is the first rainbow graphic in this posting that is closer to concept. The pyramid is itself the lens, the bounding surface. Its surface area expands through time, and the markings upon that surface are added to as it expands, giving us our flow of time. The things we call real are really unreal, they are code on a bounding surface, marks that are given life by light. There is a source, a lens and temporal material, the all things that result.

This is the skin of the world. This is the form of the universe. It is a boundary, it is that which restrains. And, as we shall see, the Word is form. The fill, that which follows – history, if you will – is determined by that which is encoded, that which is marked into the boundary, into the form, into the skin of the Word.

Surely he has taken our infirmities,
He has carried our sorrows;
Yet we consider him stricken,
Struck down by God,

He was pierced for our transgressions.
Crushed for our iniquities.

The punishment that brought us peace
Was upon him.

By his woundings
We are healed.

2 thoughts on “The Skin of the World”

  1. I love that song although prefer Peter Gabriels latest version of it. If you haven’t heard this version you must! It is a song I can relate to in this same way and I long to be outside the cage.

  2. Seemed somewhat appropriate.
    The contrast, tension and balance of Form and Fill.

    “My Body Is A Cage”
    Arcade Fire

    My body is a cage that keeps me
    From dancing with the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    I’m standing on a stage
    Of fear and self-doubt
    It’s a hollow play
    But they’ll clap anyway

    My body is a cage that keeps me
    From dancing with the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    You’re standing next to me
    My mind holds the key

    I’m living in an age
    That calls darkness light
    Though my language is dead
    Still the shapes fill my head

    I’m living in an age
    Whose name I don’t know
    Though the fear keeps me moving
    Still my heart beats so slow

    My body is a cage
    We take what we’re given
    Just because you’ve forgotten
    That don’t mean you’re forgiven

    I’m living in an age
    That screams my name at night
    But when I get to the doorway
    There’s no one in sight

    I’m living in an age
    That laughs
    When I’m dancing
    With the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    You’re standing next to me
    My mind holds the key

    Set my spirit free
    Set my spirit free
    Set my body free
    Set my body free

    Set my spirit free
    Set my body free

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