Without Foundation

When you consider foundation, two points quickly come to mind:

  1. A foundation is built on something stronger than itself.
  2. A foundation is a beginning.

Now, taking these two points in hand, consider God. The scriptures do not support either the idea of a God seated on something stronger than he is, or a God with a beginning; therefore we can say that God has no foundation.

It is interesting to note that we so often claim to be teaching foundational truths about God. A previous blog post examined the idea that truth is more about position than fact. If we add to this the idea that God has no foundation, then what exactly are these foundational truths we are teaching?

Much of this centres around denominationary doctrines. The system of denominations is a strange mixture of revelation and foundation. It begins with God revealing himself to man. Just like Isaiah’s carpenter, man takes half of the revelation and kindles a fire for bread and feeds his soul. He takes the other half of the revelation and shapes it into form, which is an idol. Then, when new revelation comes, it strikes against the thing that has been formed, and so the man rejects the new revelation. He does not recognize that the thing that is in his right hand, the thing that prospered his spirit and perhaps even led him into salvation, has become a lie.

Most foundational views of God will start with a brick of love;

Love Block

Then, perhaps, faith;

Faith Block

Maybe some grace;

Grace Block

Followed by judgment;

Just a bit like Jenga, as the structure grows it becomes more unbalanced. At a certain height we recognize the instability of our structure, and so make allowance for ecumenicalism – at this point we can agree to disagree.


Later, at an even higher point, we reach the God who cannot be known, he who’s thoughts and ways are above our thoughts and ways.

Thoughts Above

The reason for the problems that are encountered is that the whole structure is invalid. God, having no foundation, cannot be explained by a system rooted in foundation.

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