Here There Be Dragons

Common, but erroneous, belief holds that cartographers used to write, Here There Be Dragons, to indicate the unknown. One scriptural unknown is the role of Lucifer in creation. What was he created to accomplish? Who was he?

If we read Biblical descriptions of this being called Lucifer, we soon find that upon this unknown is written, Here There Be A Dragon – that dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan. So perhaps a little dragon hunt can help us comprehend the king of the dragons.

Folklore and ancient myth from around the world advance different bents and characteristics of dragons. Many see competition between Eastern and Western beliefs, but my opinion is that each is viewing the same scene from a different vantage point.

The following chart looks at some of these characteristics and abilities, and compares them to Biblical descriptions of Lucifer:

Lucifer and the Dragon

Dragon comes from the Greek drakon, the root of which means that which sees. Remember that to see means to acquire. And the key to understanding the role of Lucifer is to answer the question of why he was acquiring wealth. And this is the mystery revealed:

Lucifer was appointed to obtain and guard the bridal dowry.

Who’s dowry? The bride of Christ’s. Where was this dowry kept, what is the treasure house? The treasury is death.

Lucifer, having been cast down, now had Confederate bills in a Union economy. But, being wise, he devised a plan. He enticed Adam to sin, and, as Paul tells us, having sinned, death now entered. With the entry of death, Lucifer now had economic control over creation, and a treasure house to draw from. But this also meant that any man could also enter. The problem was getting out again.

Unfortunately for him, God became man, and this man was named, The Resurrection. This man, Jesus Christ, entered hell and took the keys of death. The rights over the dowry became his father’s, to give to whom he chooses.

Shamar Mohar

There is a coming climax of this economic battle. Lucifer’s press for control is seen in Revelation as 666, which is the currency of the beast. Meanwhile, God releases the dowry to the emerging bride, at which time it is revealed, also detailed in the book of Revelation as the opening of the seals.

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