The Millennial Guide to Dating

I’m sure you know that dating can be a real pain. The anticipations, the considerations, the argumentations can be very wearing; to say nothing of the disappointments. Especially when your chronology is a few years off.

No. This is not about Mr. Right – we’re talking about the signs of the times.

The biggest error we make in charting the times and the seasons is due to our infatuation with birthdays. This enchantment has led to Christ’s birthday becoming our benchmark. But it wasn’t his birth that changed the world, it was his resurrection. So it is the year of his rebirth that will give us our yardstick.

The best speculation puts the birth of Jesus at about 4 BC. This means that his death was about 29 AD. From this we can extrapolate the following skeletal framework:

Years Chart

Of course, if Apophis hits the Earth in 2029, this may seem very insightful – perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

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